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Savvy Giving By Design


Providing recovering children with a positive, stress-free home environment can make an incredible difference in their healing journey. 

 *According to long-established studies, access to a comforting space contributes to up to 30% of the healing process.(Robert Ulrich, Journal Science, 1984)

By supporting new room transformations, you’re giving children a space to just “be”, away from the demands of treatment anbd support them as navigate their new lives both mentally and physically. Watch our video to see how our room makeovers have impacted the healing of our Savvy Giving recipients.

Charlotte Chapter

We believe in giving back to our community and are proud to be the lead design firm for the Charlotte Chapter of SAVVY GIVING BY DESIGN.

SAVVY GIVING BY DESIGN is a non-profit, national network of professional interior designers whose mission is to provide comfort, support and healing to families with a child facing a medical crisis by transforming their interior spaces at no cost to them.. We are honored to be a part of such a wonderful and giving organization!